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Boosting industrial growth

 Boosting industrial growth

Green city center in Shijiazhuang.

Shijiazhuang will aid the further development of industries ranging from bio-tech, chemicals, information technology, machinery manufacturing and textiles, according to recent plans from the city government.

A modern industrial layout has now taken shape in the city, with pharmaceuticals, textiles, chemicals, electronics, food and construction materials its key sectors.

Local firms North China Pharmaceutical Group Corp, Shijiazhuang Pharmaceutical Group and dairy producer Sanlu Group are among six based in the city on the list of the top 500 Chinese companies.

The local government's moves come in response to both increasing competitiveness and the potential for greater growth.


Shijiazhuang enjoys distinct advantages in the pharmaceutical industry.

The city has more than 290 medicine makers, accounting for 15 percent of the country's total, and at least 600 companies involved in medicine sales.

As six Shijiazhuang-based firms rank among the most profitable Chinese medicine makers and a number of local brands are becoming household names.


Extending the industrial chain and building a recycling economy is highlighted in plans for the city's chemical sector.

A model chemicals site now under construction will use an integrated energy supply system and optimize the use of petroleum, coal and chlorine alkali, which are closely related in industrial chain.

The 6 sq km, 16 billion yuan site is projected to realize 4 billion yuan in revenues by the end of 2010.

Science and research

With a cluster of research institutes and centers of higher learning, the city has strong capability for innovation, especially in aviation and space, semiconductors, satellite communications, measurement and control technologies, and modern agriculture.

Nearly 80 software firms have operations in the city, accounting for 33 percent of the provincial total.

The city's electronic information sector generated 5.33 billion yuan in revenue in the first half of this year, increasing 17.6 percent year-on-year.

Vehicles and machinery

Expanding production of airplanes, automobiles, auto parts, and mechanical and electrical products is a main goal in the city's industrial development, according to the city government.

The first China-made proprietary light multi-purpose plane, which came off the production line in Shijiazhuang, marked a milestone in the city's manufacturing history.

Textiles and garments

Textiles and garments have long been important to the city's economy.

At its peak, the sector had 1 million spindles and 100,000 workers. At present, 53 companies are involved in the industry.

Among them, Shijiazhuang Changshan Textile Group is listed one of the 50 key textile companies in the country and among the 30 top enterprises in the province.

Agriculture is also an important part of local economy. Sprawling across the north China plain, Shijiazhuang has been termed "the barn in the region".

Its fertile soil, distinct seasons and ample rain and sunshine provide the needed natural conditions for intensive farming

Wheat, corn, vegetables, pears, dates, eggs, diary products and pork are the major produce of Shijiazhuang's counties. Its annual output of eggs accounts for about one-tenth of the country's total.

The city is also a regional commercial hub. More than 150,000 commercial operations are housed in its 120 department stores and trade centers and 29 shopping arcades.

Among them, 34 companies have more than 100 million yuan in annual sales.

The city's markets for leather, cloth and timber provide a boon to locals and spur the growth of both the local and regional economy.


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