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Overseas exchange in technology

The strategy of attracting foreign capital and expanding exports has been adopted to promote Hebei’s international exchange.

Under the guidance of this strategy, $600 million in foreign investment were brought in and 1,000 hi-tech projects were developed in other countries, including exchanges and cooperation with Belorussia, Belgium and Germany.

At the Fifth China Hi-Tech Fair (Shenzhen) the province’s enterprises signed 138 contracts and agreements worth $774 million, ranking No.4 all the provinces and municipalities in China. Hebei has also established ties with universities and research units for technical cooperation. Langfang, a city of the province, cooperated with the University of National Defense of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army for nearly 300 senior military officials to visit and investigate its science and technology.

Qinhuangdao Fortis Electronics Co Ltd has long-term cooperation and exchanges with a number of colleges and universities on the research and development of its main business, the manufacture of automatic fire alarms and firefighting equipment.

The province invited ambassadors from Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland to the city of Zhangjiakou and negotiated for technologies for vegetable cultivation and livestock breeding.

In addition, advanced technologies and good crop seeds have also been introduced in to enhance the agriculture. The technology division of Chengde engaged a famous expert in rice cultivation from Japan. Sunflower seeds for oil extraction from Romania were brought in by the division.

High-quality products are also exported overseas. Fur products by Zhangjiakou Zhengrong Fur Products Co Ltd, an agent company of Baorong Co in New Zealand, are sold to Japan, New Zealand, the United States, Europe and other areas.

About 1.5 million kg of pure natural apple crisps from Oriental Food Co Ltd in Shenzhen are now exported to Europe, the United States, East Asia and Hong Kong each year.

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