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Transforming traditional industries

Great efforts have been made to transform Hebei’s traditional industries through developing hi-tech products and promoting advanced technological achievements.

Sectors including machinery, metallurgy, construction, building materials manufacturing, chemical industry, medicine and food now stress new and high technologies, while the cities of Baoding and Tangshan have been approved as the national Manufacturing Information Science and Technology demonstration cities.

The Langfang and Qianxi productivity promotion centers were awarded national centers of excellence, while 24 enterprises were rated as “top 500 Chinese informationized enterprises”. Establishment of “National Iron and Steel industrial base” in Tangshan was approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology, which aims at building it into a powerful iron and steel manufacturing city through scientific and technological progress and achieving sustainable development.

Also in Tangshan, the construction of a national ceramic material base was approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology, which will upgrade the restructuring and form an enterprise group with more distinctive competitiveness and better economic returns.

The pharmaceutical sector, another major traditional industry in the province, has been further modernized by China Pharmaceutical Group’s research and development center that specializes in making recombinant human erythropoietin, human granulocyte-cell growth factor and other biological drugs for cancer and anemia patients.

Azithromycin capsules, also called Weihong, developed by Shijiazhuang Pharmaceutical Group’s technology center, are the leader in the field.


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