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Hegang: World-class steel giant

Hebei Iron and Steel Group (Hegang) is transforming its growth mode under the guideline of scientific development to take a first-class position in the world.

As China's second-largest steelmaker, it also accounts for a significant portion of global output. After it was established in 2008, Hegang’s output reached 33 million tons, ranking second of China and fourth of the world. And it joined the world’s top 500 enterprises in 2009.

Rich resources and prominent location have laid solid foundation for its growth as a bigger and stronger enterprise. Hebei province has China’s most abundant reserves of iron ore. Iron production in 2007 reached 306.889 million tons, accounting for 43.97 percent of national output.

Advanced technology contributes to its prominence as well. The group's subsidiaries hold many core technologies.

Tangshan Iron and Steel Group (Tanggang) and Handan Iron and Steel Group (Hangang) are the key steel sheets facilities, which boast world–class cold rolling, coating technologies and other excellent production lines.

Chengde Iron and Steel Co has the biggest potential to build the world’s largest Vanadium-titanium facility for its world’s leading technology in smelting. Wuyang Iron and Steel Co specializes in producing wide heavy plates while Hengshui Thin Steel Plate Co is devoted to making thin steel.

All of its subsidiaries provide complementary advantages to the group’s corporate culture, integrating for powerful cohesion in the group’s great leap in development. The group has formed a product structure of fine plates, vanadium-titanium and high-quality building materials. The top-grade products were used in a number of national key projects and in military industries.

It expects to produce 30 million tons of refined iron powder by the end of the 12th five-year plan period (2011-2015), which will become powerful bolster and a new backbone for its strategic development.

Now with the goal of reaching the top level, Hegang will continue to improve its efficiency through industrial restructuring, layout adjustment and eliminating of outmoded products and technologies.

Hebei Iron and Steel Group was co-founded by Tanggang and Hangang on June 30, 2008. After merging, the total assets amounted to 210 billion yuan and the registered employees are 130,000. The headquarters located in Shijiazhuang, capital of Hebei province.

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