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World Cup initiates Yingli Green Energy’s brand marketing journey

World Cup initiates Yingli Green Energy’s brand marketing journey
Yingli Green Energy announces its sponsorship of 2010 FIFA World Cup.

On March 23, Yingli Green Energy, sponsor of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, released its image ambassador, Yingying, to the press at home and abroad. During the 2010 FIFA World Cup, Yingying will showcase Yingli Green Energy’s brand features and core values.

Yingli Green Energy surprised people when it announced its sponsorship of 2010 FIFA World Cup on February 3. In fact, sponsorship of sport events has always been one of the marketing strategies preferred by Yingli Green Energy.

Since 2006, Yingli Green Energy has been one of the sponsors for the Club Atlético Osasuna. And before that, Yingli Green Energy provided a complete set of solar batteries for the megawatt photovoltaic power generation project at Fritz Walter Stadium.

“Through the sponsorship of global sporting events, Yingli gains more opportunities to be known by people. This will not only help Yingli enter the European market, including Germany, Spain, Italy and Holland, but also to become recognized by other new markets, such as in South Africa, Brazil, and the United States. ”

Mr. Al Bucknam, CEO of the U.S. SunDurance Company, spoke highly of Yingli’s decision, adding that a very important factor in developing the American PV market is the availability of financing. “The sponsorship of the FIFA World Cup caters to the requirements of investors, who will prefer to invest in those powerful global companies. Yingli makes it and improves the confidence of investors. ”

In 2009, the sales income of Yingli was around 8 billion yuan, with more than 90% of its business abroad. Its products were mainly exported to Germany, Spain, Italy, France and other European countries.

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