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Masters to perform during the Hebei Week Show

It is known from press briefing held by the provincial Expo committee that the cultural and art show prepared for Heibei Week is already done, with some programs seeking ever greater perfection to give a perfect show of cultural characteristics of Hebei province to people all over the world, making them understand and love Hebei.

According to those art programs inscribed on the list of National and Provincial Cultural Heritage, such as Kongfu, traditional local opera, folk dance and folk crafts, show the art flavor of Hebei province with sole performance programs and interactive programs.

The show will be arranged in five different time and places, including the art performance on Qingdian Square, a parade show on Bocheng Road, acrobatics show, folk craft show and shadow play performance from Tangshan city. The Department of Culture of Hebei province is in charge of the first three shows, while the Literary Federation in charge of the last two.

Until now, confirmed masters attending the show were Chen Wenzeng, master of painting ware, Zhen Yancang and An Rongjie, masters of stone carving and Zou Hongli, master of making inkstone, etc. They will show their unique technique for everyone.

In the folk crafts show, 19 representative programs are chosen from 56 kinds of craft, showing the art characteristics of different places in Hebei province. In the acrobatics show, several programs that won prizes in world competitions are arranged.

By Yan Li

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