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Hebei helps Nepal build Confucious Institute

Hundreds of Nepalis and Chinese together cheered up the celebration of the 3rd anniversary of the Confucius Institute at the Kathmandu University followed by a Chinese cultural performance by Chinese children and Nepali students learning Chinese language.

While celebrating the three years contribution made by Confucious Institute to foster Nepal-China cultural understanding, the Tianjin Cathay Future Children's Art Troupe gave a fascinating Chinese cultural performance on Sunday.

The organizers merged two different programs at a time realizing the final goal of both programs to promote Chinese culture amid Nepalis and to foster up understanding between the two countries.

The meaningful establishment of Confucious Institute in Nepal in June 2007 by the Kathmandu University and the Hebei University of Economics and Business, China, has been providing teaching resources and services to meet Nepalis demand for Chinese langauge, culture and increasing mutual understanding between peoples of the two friendly countries Nepal and China.

The event jointly organized by the Chinese Embassy in Nepal and the World Cultural Net was attended by high profile dignitaries from Nepal as well as China.

Addressing the occasion, Nepali Minister for Education Sarvendra Nath Sukla said that Nepal-China had a very close tie since ancient period culturally, socially, religiously and in trade. "This is the continuation of our ancient friendship," he said indicating the contribution made by the Confucius Institution in cultural exchange.

He stressed on remarkable support made by China for the development of Nepal that has emerged the area of cooperation between the two countries. He lauded the cultural exchange and promotion being carried out by the Confucious Institute in Nepal.

Meanwhile, Suresh Raj Sharma, Vice Chancellor of the Kathmandu University (KU) appreciated the support made by the Hebei University of Economics and Business to establish the Confucious Institute. Since its establishment, the Confucious Institute has progressed a lot. "We have set up library consisting 3,000 books," said Sharma.

According to the Confucious Institute, nearly 2,000 students have been trained at different levels.

Similarly, Chinese envoy to Nepal Qiu Guohong said, "With the constant development of Nepal-China friendship in recent years, Nepalis are getting more eager to learn Chinese language and culture. "The Confucius Institute at the Kathmandu University has been developed into a comprehensive educational institution including teaching Chinese language in primary and secondary schools and universities training teachers and spreading Chinese cultural center for Nepalis," said Qiu.

Vice President of the Hebei University of Economics and Business Cao Tongle said that with the diligent and hard work of Chinese teachers, the Confucius Institute at the Kathmandu University has developed quickly.

Source: Xinhua

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