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What to eat in Hebei

Ganglu Shaobing (Clay Oven Roll)

This crispy roll is made from wheat flour, oil and sesame seeds. The wheat flour dough is rolled into a flat square and then it is lightly brushed with water and sprinkled with sesame seeds. The roll is stuck on the inside wall of the 'ganglu' (clay oven) and after about ten minutes baking, the delicious 'Ganglu Shaobing' is ready. It boasts a crispy crust and soft inside with a strong fragrance of wheat and sesame.


Bagao is a type of snack made from buckwheat flour. The buckwheat flour is added to boiling water and stirred until it is cooked. When it cools, the bagao is ready to be eaten. The sliced bagao is usually served with a special sauce made of vinegar and garlic powder. Bagao has a soft but chewy consistency that combines well with the strong, fragrant sauce to leave a refreshing taste in the mouth.

Gaocheng Gongmian (Gaocheng Noodles)

This is a unique local specialty of Gaocheng County in Shijiazhuang City and was originally made as a tribute to the royal family. The noodles are made from high quality flour, oil and salt. By a special process, each noodle is formed with a hollow heart and is uniformly thin. After cooked, such noodles have a smooth taste.

In addition, Huimin Baji (Hui Braised Chicken) in Muslim style is also very popular with its delicate taste, strong fragrance and pleasant appearance.

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