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Recommended campsites in Hebei

Recommended campsites in Hebei
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The best destinations during the transition from summer into autumn are campsites that can offer visitors the opportunity to enjoy the cool weather and count the stars. Here are three campsites especially for travelers who love outdoor recreation.

No.1 Tianhuang Mountain

Tianhuang Mountain, which is located on the junction of Yanqing county and Huailai county in Hebei province, is one of the best and most easily accessible campsites. Tianhuan Mountain, also called Wudaohu Grottoes, is 30 kilometers east from Badaling Great Wall.

The admission fee is 20 yuan per person and with group discounts available.

The relics of Qingquan Temple will come into sight after a 30-minute walk from the park's entrance. The relics once were a cluster of grottoes which were built in the Beiwei Dynasty (386-557). The area was originally the official site and then developed into a temple. The campsite is set up in the audience hall on the top of grottoes and provides excellent views and fresh air. There are also many stone beds and stone houses.

The most interesting and special thing about the campsite is BBQ. The space is big enough for 10 people to share a meal. Between counting the stars, enjoying BBQ, and boiling a fresh pot of green tea, any group of friends can enjoy a memorable camping trip at the Tianhuang Mountain campsite.

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