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Hebei's Golden Week tourism up 30 percent

Hebei province enjoyed a 30 percent increase in tourism during the Golden Week holiday, the Hebei Provincial Tourism Administration reported. The agency said 89 million people, up 30 percent year-on-year, visited Hebei during the National Day holiday. Tourism revenues for the week reached 4.22 billion yuan, up 32.7 percent up year-on-year.

During the Golden Week holiday, tourism officials said the “Enjoy Tangshang’s Autumn Scenery” campaign attracted 12.3 million people, boosting tourism-related income 620 million yuan.

The province’s revolutionary tour also proved attractive. The Xibaipo scenic spot attracted 1.5 million tourists. Souvenir sales and catering services also were popular.

She Xian featured a special activity, “The Eighth Route Army for One Day,” which attracted 7,200 tourists – a year-on-year increase of 44 percent.

Self-driving travel and/or self-organized tours accounted for 80 percent of the tourists visiting Qinhuangdao, while Shijiazhuang offered specially designed streets selling imported goods to tourists.

By Guo Changdong and Zhang Man

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