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Hebei to build a development region around Beijing

Hebei province plans to build a development region in parts of the province surrounding Beijing, including 13 cities and counties, said a Hebei provincial official.

According to an earlier plan, Hebei will build three new cities, Jingdong (which means east of Beijing), Jingnan (south of Beijing) and Jingbei (north of Beijing). Jingdong will inlcudes three counties in Langfang, Jingnan will include Baoding and Zhuozhou, and Jingbei will include Zhangjiakou and Huailai. These three new cities and other seven middle-scaled cities will be included in the development region.

Zhao Yong, deputy-governor of Hebei province, said that the development region will have policies that are more beneficial than Shenzhen’s.

Wang Fei, deputy director of Beijing Municipal Commission of Urban Planning, said that the plan of the development region is a task for both Beijing and Hebei province.

Hebei reportedly plans to build homes, low-priced rental homes and vegetable production bases in the development region.

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