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Hebei governor meets with HK and Macao members of Hebei CPPCC Committee

Hebei governor Chen Quanguo met and had a talk with Hong Kong and Macao members of the Hebei Provincial Committee on Tuesday afternoon, following the fourth session of the tenth Hebei Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).

Hebei provincial Party Secretary Liu Dewang, vice Governor Yang Chongyong and other top government officials also attended the meeting.

Chen expressed his warm welcome for the HK and Macao members of Hebei committee, and expressed his thanks for their contribution to Hebei’s development. He also expressed his hope that co-operation with HK and Macao delegates would bring a great many benefits to the local area, and he expressed his encouragement for suggestions, practical changes or the introduction of projects to Hebei.

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