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This building's for the birds

The Tower of Nests consists of a central core that contains air circulating and other equipment. The structures provide space for community activities, a shopping center and public spaces - all illuminated by natural light and open so that birds can fly through.

Upper levels are intended to be residential, surrounded by a facade made of wicker that extends to the top of the tower. The wicker, which is woven in various ways, allows for windows to open and promotes ventilation.

"The wildlife and human residents of the building will coexist harmoniously rather than interfering with each other," Kaminsky says, describing scenes of residents standing on their balconies and seeing birds flit around.

"We selected Shanghai, and ideally the Pudong New Area, because it represents a contemporary dense urban metropolis and a fast-growing city," says Kaminsky.

The plan calls for a 50-story building. "But I can foresee it would be very expensive, so we hope to implement the draft on a smaller scale," Kaminsky says.

The team hopes for bold developer with vision and knowledge of sustainable architecture.

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