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Hebei has abundant educational resources. There are 47 provincial colleges and universities in the province, among which 15 are private. The following are brief introductions of eight universities.

Hebei University


As the only key comprehensive university co-established by the Province and the Ministry in Hebei Province, Hebei University is a compound of the Old Campus, New Campus and Medical School. 30 colleges and 5 teaching departments provide undergraduate programs with 87 majors, which cover 11 fields except for agriculture science.

The university awards master's degrees in 40 first level disciplines except military science. It awards professional master's degrees in 19 disciplines; the first in the province to experiment with professional master's degree programs. The university awards doctoral degrees in optical engineering, chemistry, Chinese language and literature, philosophy, history, management, engineering, communication studies. 37 doctoral degrees programs cover philosophy, literature, economics, law, education, history, natural sciences, engineering and management.

Among the 3,300 teaching staff at the university, a quarter of them hold doctoral degrees. The number of undergraduates has reached 41,000, while graduate and doctorate candidates account for 5,500. 350 international students are enrolled.

Hebei University of Technology


Established in 1903, Hebei University of Technology (HUT) remains one of China's oldest and most important universities. Located in the City of Tianjin, HUT is a key provincial university, as well as one of the national "Project 211" universities in the country.

While HUT specializes in technology studies, the administrative curriculum has prioritized its academic studies in the fields of science, economics, management, arts, and law, making HUT a balanced, multidisciplinary institution offering 56 undergraduate and graduate programs, including 15 masters programs in engineering, 17 doctoral programs, and 7 post-doctoral research stations. Students can enroll in one of HUT's 2 National Key or 15 Provincial Key programs of academic studies.

HUT is comprised of 4 campuses in Tianjin City proper and two campuses in Langfang City. HUT encourages excellent quality instruction from more than 600 professors and associate professors, and has developed 2 special professor positions and a Changjiang Scholar Appraise Plan to ensure that HUT students receive optimal instruction in their chosen fields. HUT is committed to international educational cooperation, generating international exchange programs with more than 40 partner universities in the United States, Great Britain, Germany, France, Spain, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Sweden and Japan.

Yanshan University


The university has faculty and staff of 3,000, including 2,000 teachers, of which 326 are professors (including 113 doctoral advisors) and 422 are associate professors.

YSU has five postdoctoral research stations, six disciplines of 35 sub-disciplines conferring doctoral degrees, 13 disciplines of 80 sub-disciplines conferring master's degrees, 16 masters of engineering programs, one Master's of Public Administration (MPA) program, one Master's of Business Administration (MBA) program, as well as 60 undergraduate programs.

YSU consists of twenty-one colleges. YSU runs five national key disciplines, four key disciplines of national defense, thirteen key provincial disciplines, and thirteen key provincial laboratories and engineering centers.

Hebei Normal University


Hebei Normal University is a university in Hebei, China under the provincial government. Hebei Normal University is a provincial key university with a hundred-year history. The university originated from Shuntian School established in Beijing in 1902 and Beiyang Women's Normal School established in Tianjin in 1906.Approved by Hebei provincial government, the former Hebei Teachers University, Hebei Teachers College, Hebei Education Institute established in 1952 and Hebei Vocational and Technological College merged into one in June 1996 and was named, Hebei Normal University.

Hebei Normal University is an early-established large-scale university in the country. The names of many great revolutionary pioneers such as Deng Yingchao, Liu Qingyang, Guo Longzhen, Yang Xiufeng and Kang Shien are listed as alumni. Famous scholars such as Liang Suming, Zhang Shenfu and Tang Yongtong and others are on the list, as well. A few of its alumni, including Yan Luguang and Hao Bolin have become famous coaches and athletes who won championships in international games, such as Xu Shaofa and Cai Zhenhua. Since New China was founded in 1949, Hebei Normal University has trained more than 200,000 people with professional skills.

Agricultural University of Hebei


Agricultural University of Hebei (AUH), founded in 1902, is one of the key universities of the province. Its five campuses are located respectively in the cities of Baoding, Qinhuangdao, Huanghua and Dingzhou.

There are 25 colleges offering 76 specialties for bachelor's degrees and 65 programs for master's degrees. The faculty is more than 3,000. Since 1989, 6 national awards and 163 provincial awards have been won for its excellent achievements in teaching and research. The quantity and grade of scientific and technological awards have ranked first among provincial universities for ten years in a row. AUH is ranked among the top 10 agricultural universities of the country for decades.

Hebei Medical University


Hebei Medical University is located in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province. It consists of the original Hebei Medical College, Hebei Provincial College of Traditional Medicine and Shijiazhuang Medical College, which were combined in 1995. It has 14 colleges, and 15 specialties. The university has Basic Medicine, Clinical Medicine and Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine Postdoctoral Research Institutions. It has been authorized to confer Ph.D degrees in 14 and master's degrees in 47 specialties.

Hebei Medical University has a body of high quality teaching staff at over 7,100, of which 266 are professors, senior researchers and chief physicians, 767 are associate professors.

It has 6 affiliated hospitals. Four hospitals have been categorized as "first-class hospitals in the third category". It also has several teaching hospitals and practice bases providing students with good sites of clinical teaching, specialist teaching and practice.

Hebei University of Economics and Business


Hebei University of Economics and Business, a merger of the Trade & Finance Institute, the College of Trade & Economics and Hebei Commerce College, was founded in 1995. It is located in Shi Jiazhuang, the capital city of Hebei Province. It has 15 undergraduate school and 4 teaching departments. The undergraduate education comprises of 47 specialties, the subjects cover economics, management, law, art, science and engineering. The graduate school has 28 programs, among which four disciplines are key ones of Hebei Province. More than 2,200 teaching and administrative staffs work in the university, among whom over 1,105 are full-time professional teachers.

Hebei University of Science and Technology


Hebei University of Science and Technology was founded in1996 by incorporating former Hebei Institute of Chemical Technology and Light Industry, Hebei Institute of Mechano-Electric Engineering and Hebei Textile Staff & Workers University. It is one of the key multidiscipline universities of Hebei and a demonstration school of College English Teaching Reform of the Ministry of Education.

The university has 18 colleges, 63 specialties for undergraduates and 93 disciplines with the right to award MA (16 authorized fields for Engineer Master). The university has 2,461 staff, including 669 professors and associate professors, 16 doctoral advisers and 380 MA tutors, with total enrollment of 16,427 full-time undergraduates and associate-degree students, postgraduates and foreign students, and 9,235 students for continuing education.

The university was awarded excellent marks in the Undergraduate Teaching Quality Assessment of the Ministry of Education for 2007. Under the flagship of "Focus on man's all-around development and serve local economy and social progress", the whole university has been upholding the spirit of “Enterprise, Cooperation and Devotion” to strive to become a first-class local university.

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