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Building a beautiful Hebei for capital economic zone

When the Hebei provincial Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) was in session, on Jan 25, and the Hebei provincial People’s Congress, beginning, Jan 26, the idea of the integrated development of the greater Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region in tourism, and the integrating of Hebei’s service industry with the capital city’s economy, were major items of discussion.

In a Hebei government work to the provincial People’s Congress, Zhang Qingwei, the governor, said that Hebei needs to make full use of its tourism resources, improve its tourism infrastructure, build better travel routes and scenic spots, and promote the “Honest and beautiful Hebei” brand.

Li Jinlu, head of the Hebei Tourism Bureau, told the gathering that tourism development in the province needs to give primary place to environmental protection and the reasonable utilization of natural resources, which means scientific tourism planning and environment assessments to keep the ecology and environment from being destroyed.

Li went on to point out that Hebei has many advantages in developing leisure and vacation activities and, in the case of cultural tourism, will try to promote the combining of culture and tourism by relying on its rich cultural resources.


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