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Hebei to promote tourism in 2014

Hebei province seeks to make great developments in its tourism industry in 2014, striving to receive 300 million visitors and achieve total revenue of 233 billion yuan ($38.06 billion), according to the Hebei Tourism Industry Development Conference.

Zhou Benshun, secretary of the Hebei Provincial CPC Committee, said: "The tourism industry is a green and low-carbon industry. Accelerating the development of the tourism industry in Hebei is significant to our province’s structural adjustment and upgrading, and will thus increase people's income."

Hebei province is rich in tourism resources. Also, the bidding for the Winter Olympics provides more opportunities for tourism development.

Zhou adds, "Deepening reform in the tourism industry, introducing quality scenic spots and travel routes, as well as improving the tourism management and service level in Hebei is the focus of 2014."

Zhang Qingwei, the governor of Hebei province, said: "In order to improve the competitiveness and comprehensive capabilities of Hebei's tourism industry, we shall make efforts in the following four aspects. The first is branding. We will work to promote the brands of Hebei by building a batch of resorts and an ecological tourism demonstration area. The second is to strengthen the sense of service awareness and build a complete service system. Also, developing the tourism industry shall be consistent with the development of urbanization. Last but not least, we will promote tourism market exploitation and advanced operation models at home and abroad."

By Liu Xiang and Li Yang


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