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Government Structure

Provincial General Office 省政府办公厅

Development and Reform Commission 发展和改革委员会

Education Department 教育厅

Science and Technology Department 科学技术厅

Public Security Department 公安厅

Justice Department 司法厅

Finance Department 财政厅

Construction Department 建设厅

Communications Department 交通厅

Agriculture Department 农业厅

CommerceDepartment 商务厅

Health Department 卫生厅

Industry and Information Technology Department 工业和信息化厅

State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission 国有资产监督管理委员会

Local Taxation Bureau 地方税务局

Industry and Commerce Administration 工商行政管理局

Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau 质量技术监督局

Environmental Protection Bureau 环境保护厅

Water Resources Department 水利厅

Press and Publication Bureau 新闻出版局

Food and Drug Administration 食品药品监督管理局

Foreign Affairs Office 外事办公室

Tourism Department 旅游局

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