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Time to check out Saibei

Great walls, stunning prairies and mysterious ancestral cultures are closer than you think at Zhang Jiakou, a must-see city which is a 200 km ride along Jingzhang Expressway from Beijing.

It is believed that Zhang Jiakou has the largest number of walls dating back from the Warring States era and the Qin Dynasty, right through until the Ming Dynasty. Additionally, the area’s natural landscape is breathtaking. For instance, Prairie Lake, known as the glistening pearl of Saiwai, is a marvelous place to go. At an altitude of 1500 m and an area of around 800 hectares, it is inhabited by a host of minorities from the north. You can easily get access to the cultural relics such as the best-preserved palaces and paddocks built up during the Liao, Jin, Yuan, and Qing Dynasties. The building where Queen Mother Xiao of the Liao Dynasty used to dress and groom is worthwhile visiting too. If you happen to be fascinated by ancient China, a short trip to Zhuolu county to explore Huangdi cheng, the oldest capital city in history, will not disappoint. Visitors are also welcome to Yandi cheng and Danyou zhai, where they can join in the adventure of old stories.

As an ideal holiday destination outside Beijing, Zhang Jiakou is now also attracting more and more travelers thanks to its newly-developed hot springs, thrilling rafting adventure activities, agriculture sightseeing and skiing. If you are sick of the metropolis city life, don’t hesitate to gear up for a chill-out weekend safari in the crystal city of Saibei!

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