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Regional development to benefit all

Coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei requires a big picture outlook. Hebei should not just focus on industrial relocation and the allocation of Beijing's resources, but work towards ecological security and infrastructure reinforcement.

Zhou Benshun, Party chief of Hebei province and a deputy to the National People's Congress, made the statement during an open day for media during the national two sessions.

Zhou said that the province would benefit most from the regional cooperation. "Hebei will spare no effort to carry out the strategy of coordinated development and play any role needed in the big plan."

Specifically, Zhou sees two roles for Hebei. The province should serve the region's development. Hebei is obligated to improve ecological security and help Beijing improve the environment. Hebei, in turn, will also reap the benefits. It sees great opportunities in the plan.

"The province has geographical advantages. Beijing and Tianjin are both surrounded by Hebei. Beijing plans to grow into a more livable city, so many industries will be relocated, and Hebei is the best destination," said Zhou. Regional coordination would lead to a more convenient transportation network in the region and more talent and technology exchanges. It is a historical opportunity for Hebei.

Hebei would support the relocation of Beijing's functions and industries and serve as a small-and-medium satellite area with good ecological environment, low business cost and high living quality. Hebei would also establish a provincial-level coordination mechanism for Beijing and Tianjin to carry forward coordinated development.

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