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Flooded village in Central China gets much needed care

On the western edge of Hebei Province, when the village of Xiushui was hit by unprecedented flood recently, it was fortunate to get some emergency supplies, on July 31, when a team from the city of Shijiazhuang arrived with the needed relief.

The huge flood, which hit on July 19, destroyed practically the entire village and left the occupants “heart-broken” and distraught, according to Liu Sanrun, the Party secretary.

At the time, Liu was undergoing stomach cancer treatment in the city of Shijiazhuang, but, upon hearing the report, got up and left for the village immediately after having surgery to help organize the villagers for the rescue effort and to repair roads, which had a strong impact on them.

In the nearby town of Tianchang, the government reports that they have cleaned up 187 kilometers of streets and roads, hauled off 52,279 cubic meters of silt, and put up many roadblocks so the post-disaster scene is significantly better.

Flooded village in Central China gets much needed care

Members of the aid team from Shijiazhuang delivering necessities for villagers in Xiushui after the major flood of July 19. [Photo/China Daily]

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